Goh Business Practitioners 
My Expertise:-

- Business Models Screening 

I provide business models screening at pre-seeding startup stage. As required and requested, I provide executive summaries to make information simple and easy to apply in your business decisions.
I am expert at:- Reporting on the digital business models for pre-seeding startup stage.
You can contact me in any of the following situations, especially when your needs and wants are urgent. You are now in the stage of establishing a newly startup, I can provide interventions at different stage where it is appropriate, some suggestions are given as below:
Stage 1 (Business Initiator): You have an idea already and converted that into a business model, I can provide business model screening for you. At the end of the session, I provide executive summaries to synthesize information and make it easy for you to make decision in your business venture.
Stage 2 (Business Practitioner): You are not sure if your business model is compatible or not in your new business venture, I can provide business case studies to train you. At the end of the session, you will be able to refine processes and then redesign a new business model for your business venture.
Stage 3 (Business Designer): You have a proof-of-concept business model already and keen to implement it in real world, but you think you want to strengthen your survival by expanding your source of incomes in order to sustain your business venture until it can reach a growth stage. I can provide a sales and marketing executive summaries to enhance your current designs and justify appropriate methodologies to achieve your goals.
Stage 4 (Business Developer): You are about to launch your business, but you need someone to help you develop a program to get things order step-by-step. As a program developer, everything that will be needed to implement the program is arranged. I can help you to contact potential suppliers, making order for materials and tools, as well as giving instructions to the personnel.
Stage 5 (Business Implementer): The actual program is beginning to construct and then put to test on generating sales revenues. I shall be able to help you to evaluate business benefits and risks.
My Roles:-

- Business Initiator
- Business Practitioner
- Business Designer
- Business Developer
- Business Implementer