At a critical moment now? Are you facing any following issues lately?      Julian Publishing and Marketing provides strengths for fulfilling your security and safety needs
I have written and published 10 books, and more exciting one coming soon! 

Book list by Julian Publishing and Marketing (JPM) is available at this Web site:


1) Entrepreneurship Theories for Creating Sustainable Business Models (ISBN 978-967-14049-6-6), authored by Julian Goh

(2) Knowledge Creation Guidebook for Copyright (ISBN 978-967-14049-0-4), authored by Julian Goh

(3) The Guidebook of Making Dictionary (ISBN 978-967-14049-1-1), authored by Julian Goh

(4) Salesperson Educational Guide (ISBN 978-967-14049-2-8), authored by Julian Goh

(5) Salesperson Practical Workshop Guide (ISBN 978-967-14049-3-5), authored by Julian Goh

(6) Salesperson Training Guide: Design Matrices & Instructional Plan (ISBN 978-967-14049-4-2), authored by Julian Goh

(7) Goh Training Business Model for Salesperson (ISBN 978-967-14049-5-9), authored by Julian Goh

(8) Workbook for Business Models Screening at Pre-seeding Startup Stage (ISBN 978-967-14049-7-3), authored by Julian Goh 

(9) Workbook for Business Environment Screening at Pre-seeding Startup Stage (ISBN 978-967-14049-8-0), authored by Julian Goh


(10) Guidebook for Identifying Obstacles: Park Products & Services, Sarawak, Borneo (ISBN 978-967-14049-9-7), authored by Julian Goh

(11) Fight Flight Freeze (ISBN 978-1-934925-50-8, 1-934925-50-0), authored by Gilmore Crosby

(12) Cultural Change in Organizations (ISBN 978-0-9776900-3-9), authored Robert Crosby