Knowledge and Expertise in:-

- Sales and Marketing

If you are looking for someone who has specific marketing and knowledge and sales expertise to fit your investment interest in Asia, I shall offer my skills to work with you. On marketing mix - 4Ps, I am particularly performing extremely well on "Place- developing channels and distribution networks." There are five roles I can play to fit into your business needs and wants (you may engage me with any one or all of them):- 



1. Initiator. To appoint as an honorary agent to experience and test your creative ideas in the local context, please contact me, I shall be able to give you a report on overall business environment analysis.  


2. Practitioner. When you need someone to perform consultative inputs such as providing proof read and fair criticism of your marketing plans and ideas, please contact me, I shall be able to give a report on definitions and requirements to fulfill your initiatives on a local venture.

3. Designer. When you need someone to contribute knowledge on marketing and sales programs, please contact me, I shall be able to give you a report to enhance your current designs and justify appropriate methodologies to achieve your goals. 

4. Developer. As a program developer, everything that will be needed to implement the program is arranged. I will help you to contact potential suppliers, making order for materials and tools, as well as giving instructions to the personnel. 


5. Implementer. The actual program is beginning to construct and put to test on generating sales revenues, please contact me, I shall be able to give you a report to help you understand your business operations in your sales and marketing programs.    


My Roles in Your new Business Venture Program:-

- Initiator
- Practitioner
- Designer
- Developer
- Implementer